EHS Teacher

Be knowledgeable and comply with Early Head Start Program Performance Standards, Head Start Early Learning Outcomes
Framework, Texas Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers, ITERS, and Conscious Discipline
Maintain a positive demeanor, demonstrate competency, good judgment, and self-control in the presence of children, families,
staff, and when performing assigned responsibilities
Demonstrate competency to provide effective and nurturing teacher-child interactions
Recognize and respect the uniqueness and potential of all children, families, and staff; treat their cultures and beliefs with
courtesy, respect, acceptance, patience, and empathy
Supervise children at all times (indoors and outdoors), knowing each child's name and age
Assist in managing behaviors in a professional manner, creating and following behavior plans when needed, ensuring children are
not out of control
Provide an atmosphere that promotes family involvement in the classroom
Be creative and take initiative throughout routine activities with a positive manner
Use safe, healthy, and age-appropriate practices throughout the learning environment
Foster developmentally appropriate independence in children through planned but flexible program activities
Eat family style, supervising and educating children at meal times; assist them with self-feeding skills (feeding infants) and
Assist children with their plans, diapering, toilet training, hygiene, and daily activities in a caring, nurturing, and supportive
learning environment
Plan and implement learning experiences that ensure effective curriculum implementation
Provide research-based strategies and activities for children who are dual language learners that recognize bilingualism as a
Conduct and use assessments that promote children's progress across the standards described in the Head Start Early Learning
Outcomes Framework and applicable state early learning and development standards, including children with disabilities and
dual language learners; discuss children's progress with their families
Assist children to and from transportation loading/unloading area and before/after care services
Respond to emergency situations and drills as required
Adhere to and share with proper staff appropriate information about each child's activities and any verbal or written instructions
given by the parent, ECI, physician, and/or management staff
Conduct home visits and parent conferences to engage the family in the child's learning and development; support the children
and family, by sharing information, and educational strategies with the family
Maintain confidential records, following HIPAA and Confidentiality Policies
Maintain fidelity with ongoing written documentation, observations, assessments, curriculum implementation, and data of each
individual child
Submit all written reports, forms, and procedures to the EHS Education Coordinator in an organized, legible and timely manner
Contact family (in person or by phone) for purposes of education and exchange of information as required
Conduct observations and assessments for purposes of classroom and individual child's progress
Perform housekeeping duties such as mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing, organizing, and cleaning restrooms
Participate in van training yearly if needed
Provide transportation to appointments for families if needed Center/Job Descriptions/EHS/EHS Teach.doc
Revised 3/13, 5/13, 4/14, 5/15, 3/16 8/17
Safeguard children from abuse, neglect, or exploitation while in the care of the Center
Identify, prevent, and report suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation to DFPS as specified in the Texas Family Code, ยง261.101
Foster a cooperative rather than a competitive atmosphere, being open-minded with changes and differences
Participate in training, in-services, conferences, seminars, and family activities as requested
Be open to ask for assistance and initiate assistance and follow directions of supervisor
Perform other duties as assigned.