Residential Direct Care Instructor

Be knowledgeable of consumer service delivery, regulations, and operations.
Be awake, alert and interactive with consumers at all times during your shift.
Provide instruction and supervision for consumers as designated by the Individual Program Plan (IPP) goals and
Participate in consumer activities, group and individual, both inside and outside the home as assigned.
Assist consumers with the management of behaviors in a professional manner and demonstration of the necessary
skills and techniques to intervene effectively if needed.
Maintain all required documentation.
Communicate with Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) and/or HOA Program Manager any needs
of consumers and/or related needs or activities of the facility.
Be professional when interacting with consumer family members and/or friends.
Participate in the Interdisciplinary Team process by making recommendations and reporting as requested.
Provide transportation for consumers as needed.
Participate in training, in-services, conferences, and seminars as requested.
Follow directions of supervisor, performing other duties as assigned.