Direct Care Paraprofessional Sub

Be knowledgeable of consumer service delivery.
Demonstrate competency, good judgment and self-control in the presence of children and when performing
assigned responsibilities.
Relate to children with courtesy, respect, acceptance and patience.
Recognize and respect the uniqueness and potential of all children, their families and their cultures.
Ensure that no child is abused, neglected or exploited while in care.
Report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation to DFPS as specified in the Texas Family Code.
Supervise and instruct consumers in activities and objectives.
Help consumers with activities of daily living including the management of behaviors in a professional manner and
demonstration of the necessary skills and techniques to intervene effectively if needed.
Guide consumers to classroom and transportation areas.
Perform cleaning activities in assigned area including laundry of blankets, clothing, etc. as needed.
Assist in the preparation of materials for client activities and objectives.
Document and perform record keeping as required.
Aid with food services as needed.
Participate in training, in-services, conferences, and seminars as requested.
Follow directions of supervisor, performing other duties as assigned.